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Casserole Recipes

Donated Casseroles are the “Main Course” of a complete, hot meal that we serve to hundreds of God’s poor and homeless each day at Saint John’s Hospice. Bread, a beverage and a dessert are also provided for each guest at every meal.

Please don’t feel restricted to using only these recipes from our site. Your favorite recipes are welcome.

We are happy to provide trays and lids for your casseroles. If you provide your own, we use standard “half trays”. Each casserole serves 6-8 men. For groups, we can arrange a monthly pick-up schedule at a centralized location. Here are other useful hints:

  • Please deliver casseroles frozen.
  • Prepare your recipe so that it can be eaten with a plastic “spork” (a combination spoon and fork). We do not provided knives.
  • Please mark the lid with the main ingredients and date you prepared your casserole.

We thank every casserole maker for the generosity and love that goes into each meal. God bless you always. 

Our Favorite Recipes