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How To

Step 1 – Expectations & Privileges

Saint John’s Hospice welcomes you to our dedicated and caring volunteer staff.  Volunteers are an essential part of Saint John’s Hospice and our mission to provide life-sustaining services to homeless men of Philadelphia. To help make your volunteer experience a successful and rewarding one, we have outlined some of our expectations of volunteers as well as what volunteers can expect from Saint John’s Hospice. Read our expectations and privileges

Step 2 – Volunteer Application

Step 3 – Client Fraternization Policy

This policy is an effort to similarly ensure that volunteers observe boundaries with clients to protect the integrity of our services. Volunteer Client Fraternization Policy 

For reasons of safely, no volunteers under the age of 18 are permitted to volunteer on-site at Saint John’s Hospice. However, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator to talk about the variety off –site volunteer opportunities for young people to get involved and give back from their home, church or school.