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Expectations & Privileges

Saint John’s Hospice welcomes you to our dedicated and caring volunteer staff.  Volunteers are an essential part of Saint John’s Hospice and our mission to provide life-sustaining services to homeless men of Philadelphia. To help make your volunteer experience a successful and rewarding one, we have outlined some of our expectations of volunteers as well as what volunteers can expect from Saint John’s Hospice.


  • Regularly and openly communicate with your supervisor about your experiences, concerns, and questions.
  • Please refrain from taking pictures or filming residents or day services guests. Only pictures of you and/or your volunteer group is permitted.
  • Attend training sessions as recommended by your supervisor.
  • Notify your supervisor of absences in advance.
  • Fulfill the time commitment of the volunteer position.
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of residents and day services guests.  
  • Avoid giving residents and day services guests advice about personal or family problems.  Residents can be directed to their caseworkers to discuss these matters.
  • Maintain professional boundaries while working as a volunteer.  Treat all residents and day services guests with fairness, dignity and respect.  
  • Talk to your supervisor or the volunteer coordinator about ways to improve the volunteer program.  Your constructive criticism is desired and appreciated.


  • To be appropriately assigned to a meaningful position.
  • To receive orientation, training and on-going supervision.
  • To be given the opportunity to be evaluated and to evaluate your volunteer position.
  • To be treated as a member of the Saint John’s Hospice staff.
  • To receive recognition as a Saint John’s Hospice volunteer.